As a member of the Australian Bookeepers Network, Imprest Business Services can now offer tax services to their clients.

ABN Tax is a fully staffed firm that provides accounting and taxation services Working collaboratively with bookkeepers, they provide clients with competitive prices, greater efficiencies, the highest quality of advice, and excellent levels of service. ABN Tax has a unique business model which differs to most accounting and taxation firms in five key areas.


How ABN Tax is different

  1.  We give the bookkeeper a central role in managing the client relationship.
  2.  We charge fixed prices and we tell you what they are before we start the work.
  3.  We have turnaround times that we commit to and stand by.
  4.  We don't charge clients to talk to us over the phone.
  5.  We deliver our products and services electronically.


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Client Benefits

ABN Tax re-defines the accountant-bookkeeper-client relationship. For clients, this offers an exciting opportunity and one that carries with it a host of benefits.

1. Centralisation of your financial affairs with your bookkeeper.

Bookkeepers are viewed by some accountants as mere data processors, when in fact they should be viewed as a vital intermediary between client and accountant. ABN Tax recognises the crucial role played by bookkeepers. We refer to bookkeepers as ABN Tax Client Managers because of their central role in managing the relationship between ABN Tax and the client. The ABN Tax business model enables the bookkeeper to truly become the central figure in your financial affairs - the person that "does the books", looks after the BAS and, now, facilitates the completion of the tax and accounting work through ABN Tax.

2. By working with your bookkeeper, we can spare you much of the hassle.

ABN Tax Client Managers play an extremely integrated role with ABN Tax which is of real benefit to you as the client. Among other things, the ABN Tax Client Manager will have the task of supplying ABN Tax with your accounting software file, collating additional information we require in order to complete your tax returns and financial statements, and dealing in the first instance with any queries that we raise.

3. Fixed fee certainty.

At ABN Tax, we make sure that there are no nasty surprises when it comes time to paying our bill. In relation to year-end compliance services, we provide an upfront written quote based on information supplied to us by your ABN Tax Client Managers. We do not start work until you have approved that quote. As far as our other services are concerned, many of these are performed at fixed prices which are detailed in our comprehensive fee menu.

4. We don't charge you to speak to us over the telephone.

ABN Tax prides itself on providing personalised advice to its clients. ABN Tax Clients and their ABN Tax Client Managers are welcome to telephone us at no cost. If there is a question that can be dealt with there and then, there is no charge. Should the conversation result in the identification of further tasks which will be at a cost, then we'll discuss this with you and get approval before proceeding.

5. Everyone is on the same page.

The financial statements, tax returns, information and advice that ABN Tax provides to you is also provided to your ABN Tax Client Manager. In this way, you can rest assured that both your bookkeeper and accountant are on the same page with everything that is happening in your financial life. Moreover, your ABN Tax Client Manager has access to a secure, on-line system called Job Watch which enables them to check the status of your work at any point in time.

6. Timeliness of information.

No longer will your work be stuck with an accountant for months and months on end. At ABN Tax, we are committed to 6-week turnarounds. This means you will receive your financial year results sooner. It also means the accounting file used by your ABN Tax Client Manager can be brought up to date more quickly to allow you to have more meaningful data at your fingertips.

7. We understand the things that bookkeepers need.

The importance of re-aligning your accounting file with completed financial statements is something which is lost on many accountants. They either don't understand the relevance of this or don't care. ABN Tax does it differently. At the same time that we provide your completed financials and tax returns, we also provide your ABN Tax Client Manager with the necessary adjustments that are required to your accounting software file.

8. We don't charge you for something your bookkeeper has already done.

Many accounting and taxation firms do not involve a client's bookkeeper as much as they should. This can result in costly duplication of work. At ABN Tax, we ask the ABN Tax Client Manager to complete a series of workpapers and checklists to thereby allow us to accept certain balances. This enables us to augment your bookkeeper's good work rather than needing to re-do it at your expense.

9. Enjoying the efficiencies of the digital age.

Many accounting and taxation firms persevere with the sending of paper copies of everything that they produce. ABN Tax does it differently. ABN Tax embraces technology and supplies all of its completed products and services in electronic form. This speeds up delivery, allows us to better contain our costs, and enables both you and your ABN Tax Client Managers to have convenient electronic copies of everything. ABN Tax Client Managers transfer your information to ABN Tax using our Bookkeeper-Client Connect file transfer facility. This is a secure 128-bit encrypted channel which is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology