ServiceM8 makes job management easy

 ServiceM8 is a powerful service and job management companion, helping to make your everyday tasks easier and improve the efficiency of running your business.

ServiceM8 will keep track of your jobs from the moment your client calls, storing all your job details and your work process from the first quote, scheduling, emails, instant texts through to the job completion and finally payment tracking. ServiceM8 even integrates with MYOB and Xero.

You’ll never lose another work order, client phone number or address, no more piles of paper slowing you down. Everything you need is at your fingertips helping you to complete your work faster and easier, keeping track of all the important details that you can retrieve at any time - anywhere.

Designed for small business, from contractors and sole traders as well small businesses with multiple staff working together to complete jobs. Giving the power of Big business to the individual operator without the big ticket price tag.

Manage your business from your iPhone, iPad or your web browser back at the office, all in real time and backed up with the power of Amazon Cloud.

Getting started is EASY, simply download the app or go to to register.
NO software or hardware costs, NO startup fees. Your first 20 jobs each month are FREE!
You can change your working world today!



• Store all client contact details
• Complete job history
• Recall any past job
• Easy scheduling and viewing job details
• Navigate to the job with the Google Maps
• Notify clients of eta by instant text notifier
• Attach photos taken direct to jobs
• View all jobs on the dispatch map
• See other staff on the map
• Record check-in and check-out of jobs
• Complete the job on site
• Collect clients electronic signature
• Email invoices to client


• Send SMS messages
• Stock list for quoting & invoicing
• Instant Quotes to PDF
• Instant Invoices to PDF
• Email quotes or invoices from inside the job card
• Inbuilt templates for quotes, emails & invoices
• Print work orders, quotes or invoices
• Store job notes, emails and pictures in the job diary
• Add photos & documents to emails in 1 click

There’s more:
• Send Instant texts to field staff for urgent jobs. 
• Powerful search - job history
• Invoice and payment tracking
• Instant post - click & mail your invoices in the Post.
• Integrates with MYOB Aus & NZ
• Business reports & graphs
• Amazon Cloud secure backup
• Customise information levels for individuals or team leaders
• Contacts - automatically adds new jobs to your phone`s address book.
• Contacts - automatically removed when job is complete.

It's free to register - simply go to and get control of your business now!