Monthly Client Spotlight

Welcome to our very first Client Spotlight!  At Imprest we work with a diverse range of clients and we love the fact that we get to learn so much from them all.  Like so many small business owners, our clients have so much motivation and drive and I love the creative ways that many of them overcome challenges and manage to stay positive.  It is truly inspirational.  We hope you will also be inspired by their stories!

Thermacon Insulation

 Thermacon Insulation



Thermacon Insulation is a family owned and operated company.  Established in 1996 by the Tomkinson family, Thermacon’s goal was to establish themselves as a “one stop shop” for all insulation products - including thermal, acoustic and soundproofing products, ceramic and rockwool products, pipe insulation, steel mesh, foils, tapes, fixing components and adhesives etc.


Today they offer the finest quality products in the world, all under one roof.   Whether your project is a domestic house, a commercial building, or an industrial project such as a processing plant or refinery, Thermacon has the products for you!


Let’s face it.  If you are like me, the disastrous Government Home Insulation program was a real eye opener.  I certainly didn’t think too much about the safety of my roof insulation beforehand, did you?  Luckily that’s where the guys at Thermacon come in – they are experts in the field and know what products to install for your safety, comfort and for maximum energy efficiency.


Buy what about your health??  Did you know your insulation can also have a big effect on the air quality in your home?  This is why I really love Thermacon’s new range of Johns Manville Formaldehyde Free insulation.  It’s a great option for allergy sufferers and for those of us who don’t want to be around nasty chemicals!!  Another new product just released is the Igloo downlight covers which offer protection against fire danger.  These can be retrofitted easily over your existing downlights with no re-wiring necessary.


So if you are concerned about the quality or safety of your home insulation, now might be a good time to contact Thermacon and see how they can help you.



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