Employee Calculators and Forms

Employee Calculators & Forms

Calculates tax withheld on Bonuses.


Template leave form for staff. Based on standard 38 hour week. Records hours taken, Manager approval and payroll processing.


This salary sacrifice calculator calculates the how an effective salary sacrifice can save you money. Calculator for salary sacrificing superannuation and salary packaging a car. Shows a comparison of packaging with and without employee contributions. Also includes Superannuation Salary sacrifice letter for payroll.


This calculator calculates the Gross weekly, fortnightly or monthly wages & PAYG from net pay amounts. Useful for processing adhoc payments made to staff.


A checklist for preparing and reconciling payroll.


A checklist to review payroll internal control.


Summary of Employee information for payroll. Includes Personal details, bank details, superannuation, etc


Induction checklist for new team members.


Form for employees where business related expenses are applied to be reimbursed. Automatically calculates total by updating fields.


You can use this Employee Absence Tracking workbook to help you schedule and track hourly leave for members of your team. You can keep track of leave for each month, and see a summary report.


Calculates the true cost of labour, includes cost of leave, superannuation, workcover, training, etc.


Calculates the various cash denominations needed for cash wages paid.


Template form for employee performance appraisals.