Bookkeeping Services

Imprest Business Services can manage all your bookkeeping requirements from sorting and filing all source documents, entering the data in a timely and accurate manner, to processing and analysing the progress and performance of your business. We utilise MYOB and other software, with work being carried out at your premises or ours by our qualified staff. Contact us for more info.

  • Debtor Management – Invoicing, Receipt & Banking, Statements

One of the first principles of successful business management is to get paid on time. If you can keep the money coming through the door, you can improve your cashflow, boost working capital, save on overdraft interest and reduce bad debts. By implementing effective credit control, Imprest Business Services can assist with faster payments by managing the accounts receivables in a proven and reliable manner.

  • Creditor Management – Purchases, Cheque and Credit card payments

Keep up to date with exactly how much your business owes, to whom, and apply budgeting techniques to meet payment deadlines whilst maintaining adequate cashflow.

  • Bank & Loan Reconciliations

Reconciling your banks accounts to the business financial accounts is an integral part of bookkeeping that requires diligence and accuracy. Imprest Business Services can reconcile all of your business cheque statements, credit card statements, as well your investment or loan statements to your MYOB accounts, to ensure that every dollar is accounted for.

  • BAS & IAS Preparation and Lodgement

Imprest Business Services put together all your transactions for the quarter or month and then carefully examine the records, ensuring all GST input credits are recorded and all GST reconciles back to the balance statement before preparing and lodging the final Business Activity Statement.

  • Payroll, PAYG Payment Summaries & Superannuation

Imprest Business Services can manage your entire payroll processing requirements, with accurate payment of staff at different pay rates, superannuation contributions, child support, and PAYG withholding credits and variations. Payslips printed for distribution to staff or emailed.

  • Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet,  Budget v Actual comparisons and Cashflow reports

Know exactly how your business is performing. Imprest Business Services’ clients receive complete financial reports at the end of each month (or as required), with easy to understand statements, summaries, and charts. This will allow you to see exactly where the money is coming from and going to.



"As a progressive independent service station, we need up to the minute information to help us manage our stock, pricing and cash-flow decisions.  At the same time, we need a financial accounting system we can rely on.

We have had some bad experiences in the past, so when the time came to change systems we were fortunate to have Stephanie Lee at Imprest Business Services as our bookkeeper.

She helped us manage the changeover to the new system and its integration to MYOB.  Her knowledge and skills made the transition as smooth as possible and we finally have a system that ticks all the boxes.


Thanks Stephanie for your help and support."


Justin Aloi,

Better Choice Stratton

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