How to use economies of scale in your small business

It may seem like a contradiction, but as Stephanie Lee of Imprest Business Services explains, many savvy small businesses are beating the big boys at their own game and securing big discounts on a whole range of services.


As the saying goes, money talks - and the more money you have, the louder it talks!  This is why big businesses always seem to get the best deals, and why small businesses often struggle to stay competitive.  


However, whilst tough negotiations can bring low prices for the short term, what large organisations lack is the flexibility to adapt to changing situations and new opportunities.  It is this flexibility that is the forte of the small business.


Many small businesses are now looking for ways to identify cost-saving opportunities and make the most of their (mostly modest) resources.  Our own firm is no exception.  We are a small business and often struggle with the rising costs of insurances, telecommunications and other business expenses. 


Our solution was simple.  We turned to our business network - organisations which we hold memberships with, our clients, associates and more.  What we found was not only an opportunity to save costs, but also a wealth of experience and a whole new way of doing business.


Business networking has added a whole new dimension to our organisation.  Not only do we attract new business, we also have access to a great range of products and services for both ourselves and our clients – all at competitive prices by using communal buying prices.


We have developed a great relationship with a number of companies, using them ourselves and partnering with many to offer great value services to our clients. 


Just some of these include:

For us it isn’t simply a matter of teaming up with anyone that offers a discount.  We have to be happy with the products and services provided and we have to know that when we recommend an organisation they can reliably deliver on their promises.  Of course it also goes both ways.  Many of our partners will only team up with proven professionals.  We have had to undergo examinations, induction programs and more to qualify for many of these programs. 


At the end of the day we know it is worth the effort as we have seen the benefits to our business and to our clients’. 


Business networking and communal buying can increase your purchasing power and widen your influence within the business community.  To get involved do what we did, find your business networks.  Talk to your suppliers, your clients your other affiliates; you can even join business networking groups.  Find out what programs are available to you.  The resources listed below will be a good start!


Networking Resources:

Networking Groups:

Social Networking:

Social marketing is a rapidly expanding area and a great tool (especially for small businesses). Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all provide an excellent platform to market your business and to connect with other businesses.  Listed are a few Facebook pages which might be useful:


Stephanie Lee is a Senior Bookkeeper and co-founder of Imprest Business Services.  Imprest are specialists in providing tailored administrative solutions for small businesses.