New Sorted home & office stationery

Why Home Office Stationery?

With the trend of more people working from home and in small office environments, the need for well designed and functional storage products and stationery is growing.


 Here at Imprest, we are proud to stock the Sorted Home & Office range of stationery which fills this need perfectly.


The ‘sorted – home + office’ range is perfect for

  • People who run a busy household.
  • Students who want to organise their study life and space.
  • And for the many people who today choose to give home office stationery as an on-trend gift.   

The product range includes storage boxes, index cards, magazine holders, lever arch folders, pens, and magnets.

The approach is different to what you have seen before.  The designs are layered and textured, warm and inviting.

Packaging includes banding to give a hint of the designs contained within and the product labelling will talk to you with evocative and quirky expressions. 

The range is visually appealing, authentic and tasteful.  The philosophy is to improve the organisation and productivity within your workspace at home, with an individual touch of style and fashion. 

Choose your theme!


In Control – Black, or In Charge – Red. 


You will find ‘sorted – home + office’ comprehensive and visually cohesive. The selection of product has been carefully designed to maximise visual impact and provide the optimum in efficient use of space. 

View the range – by selecting “Stationery” from the products tab.