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Stephanie Lee and her sister Kelly Brennan would talk on the phone a lot about their work and jobs…and it got them thinking.  The two sisters created a business idea and took action to make their vision of delivering exceptional bookkeeping service a reality. Today they have been in business four years and love helping other businesses reach their goals.  One half of the sister act, Stephanie, shared their story with Bizoomi.

What is your business?

My business (in a nutshell) is providing insight into your business.  As a small team of bookkeepers, we take care of business recordkeeping and BAS lodgments.  We also specialise in providing reports and tools which allow you to track how your business is performing and give you the management information needed to make good business decisions.

Our company is Imprest Business Services.  We are owned and operated by myself, and my sister Kelly Brennan.  A lot of people ask us why we chose the name Imprest for our company.  Many of our clients will tell you that it is because our work leaves you “impressed”!  Whilst we appreciate that sentiment, there is another reason.  If you’ve ever kept Petty Cash records, you’ll probably know that the Imprest System is a method of matching your receipts with your reimbursements.  It is a good system which encourages accuracy and is well trusted and respected, and that is really what we are all about – accuracy and trust.

People don’t want you messing about in their books unless they can trust you to get it right!  As professional bookkeepers we are TP Board registered, qualified and trained.  Our clients know they can rely on us and we take pride in the work that we do.

We don’t just do bookkeeping however.  Without sounding too clichéd, we feel that our role is to help small businesses achieve their goals.  We do this by taking care of the things that many small business owners don’t have the time or experience for. This goes well beyond just recordkeeping – and we have done everything from ordering flowers, to organizing conferences and even developing occupational health and safety policies.


 Read the full story on the Bizoomi Website.